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Your private boat tour of the Rivera del Conero will begin in Numana, at the port. We will board the DonMar, and head north, past the wonderful beaches of Numana and Sirolo, and then further past the Monte Conero, to the pebble beaches of the Due Sorelle, and the rugged and inaccessible coastline (including the wonderful beach "dei Gabbiani" and "I forni"  between the Due Sorelle and "the Sail" seastack: the wildest and most beautiful part of the coastline. You will then see the Portonovo bay, with the Santa Maria in Portonovo romanesque Church, the Napoleonic fort, the Mezzavalle beach, and "il Trave".

Before leaving Numana, we will discuss your preferred destination and how to structure your boat tour. You want to stop at the first beach and spend the whole time swimming, or sun bathing? No problem. You'd rather go as far as possible, all the way to Il Trave and back? Not a problem either. Or perhaps you would like to head straight out to sea, and sail looking for dolphins? That can be done too. 

After we drop the anchor at your preferred spot you'll be able to use the snorkelling masks to explore the sea floor and look for the local marine fauna. Or again lay on the inflatable bed, drifting on the waves, or simply read a book, listen to music, and sunbathe.

The whole boat tour lasts approximately 3.5 hours and you can choose whether to leave at 10:00 or at 16:00 - but we can arrange custom departure and arrival times, or even arrange for a longer trip.

The Itinerary of your boat tour of the Riviera del Conero
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