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Friends on a boat tour at the Two Sisters
Sailing in the Riviera del Conero


Why choose a boat tour of the Riviera del Conero on the DonMar? Because no other boat in Numana can offer the same tailor-made and authentic sailing experience, without sacrificing comforts, like cushy seats, food, music, and a freshwater shower. The DonMar is both an old-fashioned and classy choice for an exclusive and unforgettable tour of the Conero Riviera.


The DonMar can accommodate up to 6 passengers, and every tour will be intimate and planned according to your own desires. We will be free to look for the quietest spot to drop anchor, in front of the most beautiful beaches of the Riviera del Conero, and away from the most crowded areas. Along the way you'll be able to see how a traditional sailing boat is rigged and maneuvered, and if you want you'll be able to try your hand at the helm.

The DonMar is not just any boat; it's a piece of the region's maritime heritage. By taking a tour of the Riviera del Conero on this historic vessel, you'll be experiencing a part of the area's culture and history that is often overlooked by tourists. The boat's classic lines, wooden decks, and traditional rigging all add to the authentic experience, making it a truly memorable and unique experience.

You will be served local, high-quality food and drinks, and by getting in touch with me with your needs we will be able to find the best arrangement to make your boat tour memorable. Want to rent the boat for a romantic getaway, or a wedding proposal, with just you and your partner as passengers? I'll be sure to have the nicest Prosecco in the on-board fridge. Family trip with your children? I'll make sure to stock on fruit juices and water guns. A whole day out with your best friends? Get in touch!

It will be my concern to make sure that you will fondly remember your time on the DonMar and your visit to the Riviera del Conero for years to come. It's the little things that turn a generic boat tour into an experience to treasure.

It's not just the sights you see: it's how you experience them that makes a difference.

A family boat trip towards the Monte Conero
A family boat tour in the Riviera del Coero


For lunch you will be served a generous traditional platter of local cold cuts and cheese with fresh bread or (for the sunset tour) a delicate fresh fish (or sushi) appetizer. All accompanied by local craft beers and wine. I'll also have fruit juices for the little ones.


I am a music lover, and have varied playlists of sea-themed classical music and jazz (or heavy metal, if you're so inclined) to accompany your boat tour. But if you want you'll be able to play your own tunes via my high-quality Klipsch bluetooth speaker.


On the DonMar I have snorkelling masks with a mount for a GoPro camera, an inflatable mattress to lazily drift on the waves, and a waterproof bag you can use to take your belongings to shore. If you are bringing your children along I have arm floats and water guns!


Do you want to know more about the history of Numana, Sirolo, and the Riviera del Conero? Advice on what to see next, the best towns in the region, or where to eat? Ask away, my English is fluent and I'll share with you all I know. On board I also have a small collection of books with historical pictures of Numana and Sirolo which you will be able to browse.

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