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There's no other boat like the DonMar in the Numana harbour. This 7-meter lugger is the only wooden sailboat left in Numana, hand-built by the master shipwrights of Numana's historical Jurini shipyard according to the traditional design of the "lancetta" and the "gozzo", and rigged with the traditional lugsail (vela al terzo) which has characterised fishing boats in the Adriatic Sea for centuries.


Commissioned by my great-uncle Carlo, the DonMar was built in the late 1960s, and it has hosted members of my family and friends ever since. The twin masts of the DonMar have been a permanent feature of the Numana harbour for over half a century. Its deck was thoroughly renewed in 2016, with the addition of more conformable seats and storage space, and I have once again wholly restored it in 2020, with an eye to details. In early 2021 I replaced its old and heavy diesel engine with a brand new, quieter engine, compliant with the most stringent EU and US exhaust emission standards.

To sail on the DonMar is a unique and exclusive experience, bringing back the ancient art of sailing on the Adriatic sea. When fully rigged, its three sails are a sight to behold. No other modern motorboat or fiberglass sailing boat can quite replicate the feeling of a traditional wooden sailboat. The quiet flapping of sails and splashing of waves across its prow will be the perfect accompaniment to the beautiful scenery of the Riviera del Conero.

By taking a tour of the Riviera del Conero on the DonMar you will partake to its decades-old legacy, and in turn you will bring something new to its history-soaked planks. 

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